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Digital Planet

With tireless hard work and innovative vision, we have managed to penetrate into the game development market in Lahore, Pakistan. Following the motto of fun with purpose & entertainment for everyone, each time, our games are more entertaining and our apps more user-friendly & easier to use.

Our Services

- Vision -

Deriving happiness by creating memorable and compelling games for everyone.

- Mission -

Digital Planet thrives to provide effective and iconic gaming experiences, accessible globally that become an everlasting source of joy For every person on Earth.

- Values -

The foundation of digital planet stands on these following values that we hold very important

  1. Gender equality

    Our policy is provide equal opportunities solely on the basis of the capability and capacity of all our employess regardless of their gender.
  2. Innovation and evolution

    We have worked on generating an environment for our employess that enables them to direct their energies and abilities towards innovation and evolution of ideas.
  3. Ownership

    Though, all projects are planned and approved by the company itself but all employees are given space to come up with their ideas and if approved by mangement these ideas can also be put to action.
  4. Adaptability

    Digital planet holds the ability to to deliver with respect to the variation in demands and trends of the market.
  5. Respect

    We value self respect of our employees any derogatory remarks or actions are strictly prohibited in the premises of our company.